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As experts in our field we have gained extensive knowledge about the financial institutions which furnish our industry. This is imperative when coming to buy and sell in Spain.

Our knowledge is FREE to you! We know you will double check our advice, this would be the sensible thing to do. However, it is far easier to start with that knowledge and just make a double check than it is to try and find out the answers for yourself.

We will make sure you are using the best foreign currency exchange companies, the best banks and legal teams.

  •  How do I transfer my money from the UK to Spain easily and without costs.
  •  Which banks offer the best (free) services where I can control my banking online.
  •  Which taxes will I pay, what are the best tax efficient ways to make my purchase.

Don’t forget, however, our unique service does not require mortgages or loans. So you will not have to worry about the red tape and costs involved in getting finance.

Imagine; find that perfect property, pay a small deposit and then monthly payments to suit you and within days that dream has become reality!

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